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Imperial County Workers' Compensation and Social Security Attorneys

El Centro Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Again this January 1st, the firm of Atcheson & Kepler renewed its yearly commitment to assist the Hispanic injured and disabled in Imperial County. California workers' compensation benefits are extremely unfair to the Hispanic workers of Imperial County. Many workers are employed only on a seasonal basis. When they are injured, the compensation law pays benefits on a seasonal part time rate even though they have sustained a permanent full time injury.

The availability of quality medical care in El Centro area is limited. Workers injured on their job receive minimal care. The insurance adjuster will quickly deny the treatment requested by your doctor.

El Centro Social Security Attorneys

There are many fine physicians in San Diego who practice part time in El Centro who also perform Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME). It is our job to make quality medical care and evaluation available to our clients. Always discuss your situation in advance with a lawyer. Never use the workers' compensation QME panel process in the Valley. We will get you an excellent treating physician and evaluator for your case. If the seriously injured Hispanic worker is a citizen or resident alien with proper papers, we investigate whether the injured worker is also eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance based on his work record while in the United States.

In addition to this SSDI benefit, most injured Hispanic workers in Imperial County are also eligible for SSI benefits due to the low pay and seasonal work cycles in Imperial County. The average education for Hispanic workers in Imperial County is limited. Many have no more than 6 years of education in Mexico's elementary school system.

We encourage seriously injured or medically disabled persons to apply in person at the Social Security Administration office at 2345 South 2nd Street for SSDI and SSI benefits. If denied, and many are denied unfairly, call us immediately so that we can help you meet the appeal deadlines and win your benefits.

Most people who live full time in the Valley know both injured workers and medically disabled persons in need of our legal help. Tell them about our law office and encourage them to call for a free, no-obligation consultation.

CONTACTS. Se Habla Español. No Fee unless we win your case!

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