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San Diego Supplemental Security Income Lawyers

Our San Diego Supplemental Security Income Attorneys

The SSI program is a needs- based entitlement program for disabled persons who generally have no monthly income and few personal assets. The challenge is that they frequently have no medical insurance or source for medical care. Many claimants are homeless and have mental illness, compounded with past or present alcohol or drug use. Most of our SSI clients are referred to us by a friend or family member who understands their plight. Give us a call to discuss the situation. No fee to chat.

Social Security Disability law concerns whether a person is able to do full time work on a predictable, consistent and productive basis. Ability to work some of the time or on a hit or miss basis is not enough. Our office will work with each client to be certain that all the medical evidence is prepared ad presented to the judge in the best possible way to achieve success.

You need a lawyer for your case. There are devastating backlogs at every level of disability claims throughout the nation. The situation will not get any better any time soon, and you won't notice it in your case. Life can be fickle, and you can't afford a do-over.

Chula Vista SSI Benefits Attorneys

There are some of the 'biggest' mistakes we see people make in applying on their own for SSDI or SSI benefits:--

  • Not applying soon enough — -Many months of eligibility are lost. This is particularly true if a claimant has a workers' compensation claim. Seriously injured workers may also qualify for federal SSDI benefits in addition to their workers' compensation benefits. Call us for more information.
  • Taking no for an answer! — Not appealing a denial!
  • Missing appeal deadlines Read the notices: 65 days maximum to appeal.
  • Not verifying that all medical evidence is in the file — After you request a hearing, the SSA does not continue to seek out your current medical evidence from your doctors. As much as a year may be missing!
  • Filling out claim forms or online applications before talking to a lawyer
  • Not knowing that in California you can be eligible and receive workers' compensation checks, California EDD State Disability benefits (SDI), VA benefits, Long Term Disability benefits and other private insurance program checks at the same time as Social Security Disability SSDI payments.
  • Any disabled veteran you see may also be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. This is concurrent eligibility, and it is often missed.
  • Believing that a simple note from your doctor that you are 'disabled' is enough to win. This belief is a source of endless heartache for claimants proceeding without lawyers to their hearing. You don't get a do-over!
  • Not considering that their depression is an aspect of their illness.
  • Recall that for SSDI and SSI disability eligibility, a person must be unable to work full time. Persons whose work capacity is episodic or who can only work on a very limited basis may still be eligible.
  • Thinking you can't afford a lawyer: Fees are paid if you win.

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Call us at 619-894-8559 (toll free 877-470-3408) ask for Stewart Atcheson or David Kepler. It is a free consultation. If you have recently been denied SSDI or SSI, call right away. If you wonder whether you, or a family member or friend, could benefit from a Social Security Disability program, call us for a free, no- obligation phone consultation.

Learn more about our Social Security practice at www.disabilitylawyersandiego.com.

Everybody knows someone who is disabled.

Se habla español. Ask to speak to Señor Kepler.


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