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San Diego Social Security Disability Insurance Attorneys

Our San Diego Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers

We make sure your appeals are filed on time. We assist you with the SSA questionnaires that will bombard you. We help you obtain your doctors' records and request narrative reports or furnish interrogatories. These tasks would be physically burdensome for you but are routine for our office.

Our staff keeps your claim running smoothly and moving forward for your day in court. For cases initially denied, 95% of them later require a hearing with a judge. We understand medicine. We understand your impairments. Claims can be won based on one particular medical problem. Most often, claims are won due to a combination of medical problems.

Vocational factors matter. SSA rules change when claimants become 50, 55, 60 and older. SSA pays for medical and vocational experts to attend your hearing. We insure the government's experts understand the mental and physical requirements of your past work and why you cannot return to that type of work due to your illnesses or injuries. SSA pays a medical doctor to review your file and tell the judge about your medical problems. Many of the medical experts are elderly and retired from private practice and have a conservative opinion on the extent and severity of your 'impairments.'

Remember that when you walk into the hearing in front of the judge, you have to change his mind. You have to prove they are wrong in denying your claim up to that point. Your best witness is your treating doctor and he can't afford to come to your hearing and testify. What do we do?

Chula Vista SSD Claims Lawyers

We have your doctor complete Residual Functional Capacity [RFC] Questionnaires especially tailored for your medical and mental impairments. RFC is the key to proving your disability and winning your case. RFC is shorthand for a concept pivotal to SSA known as 'residual functional capacity.' The RFC describes the capacity that remains of a person's ability to sustain full time work.

If a person cannot return to his or her former work, the next question approached by the judge suing his medical expert and vocational expert is whether your RFC will allow performance of any other job, full time 8 hours a day, available throughout the nation. Your treating physician's opinion on your RFC is perhaps the single most important part of your evidence in your claim for disability benefits. The RFC questionnaire has to be filled out correctly and completely. Often the medical expert will inform the Judge that he disagrees with your treating physician's RFC opinion about you.

You need a lawyer in the room when that happens. There are magic words. The single biggest mistake a claimant makes is believing that a simple note from their doctor saying they are 'disabled from work' is enough to win disability benefits. Your judge will remind you that it is his job to decide whether you can work and may point out that you walked into the hearing and sat down and maybe there are jobs you can do that only require that level of skill.

Contact the California Law Firm of Atcheson & Kepler

Call now if you have recently been denied. Time is of the essence and your don't want to have to begin the process all over. Call an attorney now if someone in your family cannot work due to injury or illness and you wonder if they might be eligible for disability benefits. We talk to people all day long. We are happy to talk to you! We ask tough questions. If we take you as a client, we expect to win and expect to appeal the case if you lose. You get the total package!

Call our office at 619-894-8559 (toll free 877-470-3408). If you are house bound, we can send an experienced paralegal to your home to begin or continue your SSDI or SSI claim. You are lucky you found our web site. Call us today.

Learn more about our Social Security practice at www.disabilitylawyersandiego.com.

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