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Falls are the leading killer of construction workers in the US

Employers are responsible for keeping workers safe from falls on construction sites.

Tragically, every year, thousands of workers are killed when they are involved in accidents on the job in the United States. In 2013 alone, over 4,100 workers died in workplace accidents, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Of those fatalities, over 825 were construction workers involved in accidents.

According to OSHA, there are four primary ways in which construction workers are at risk of a serious injury or death when on the job: falls, getting hit by an object, getting electrocuted or getting caught in between two objects.

Of those dangerous situations on construction sites, falls lead to the highest number of worker fatalities every year. Of the 828 construction worker fatalities in 2013, 302 were caused by a fall. In other words, over one-third of all construction worker deaths were caused by a fall in 2013.

In California alone, 61 workers died in construction accidents in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those fatalities, 22 were caused by a fall on the job.

Employers must take action to keep their workers safe from falls

In many cases, these dangerous falls could have been prevented if the appropriate safety measures had been in place. For instance, if a construction worker is performing his or her duties at a height of six feet above the ground or more, the employer is required to provide a fall protection system.

Also, if workers are near equipment that could be dangerous, fall protection should be provided by the employer. The fall protection could be as simple as installing a guardrail and toe-board in such a situation, to ensure workers do not accidentally fall onto the dangerous machine.

Talk to a workers' compensation attorney after an injury at work

When a fall occurs on a construction site, the consequences can be serious and life threatening. Workers falling from significant heights are at obvious risk; however, even workers who trip and fall on the ground level could suffer serious injuries. Construction sites are rarely free of hazards, and even a fall at ground level could be dangerous if the ground is covered in potentially unsafe material, such as protruding steel beams.

If you have suffered an injury while on the job at a construction site, you should consult with a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney. You may be able to recover for your medical bills and lost wages. Talk to the attorneys at Atcheson & Kepler to learn more about your workers' compensation claim.

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